Creekmoor Elementary kindergarteners learn to be community helpers, courageous patients

March 09, 2017

Molly Brewster, daughter of Cassandra Brewster, MD,
excitedly acted as a patient during
Dr. Brewster’s “community helpers” presentation
for the kindergartners at Creekmoor Elementary School.
“I enjoyed showing her a small amount
of what I do at work,” Dr. Brewster said.

Community Helper Week was recognized by Creekmoor Elementary School’s kindergarten class, on Feb. 24, where Cassandra Brewster, MD, of Peculiar Medical Clinic taught students the basics of what occurs in a health care clinic and what it’s like to be a physician.

“I spoke with the kids about how I use my medical skills to help the community stay healthy, but we brainstormed about how they can use their current skills, such as strength and energy, to help neighbors and their environment; like picking up trash, recycling or picking up sticks after storms,” Dr. Brewster said. “I also discussed two types of doctor appointments: checkups and sick visits, as well as the importance of vaccines and shots.”

Dr. Brewster’s goal was for students to understand the importance of primary care and to help them be less scared of the doctor’s office. In her own practice, at Peculiar Medical Clinic, she said she wants all patients to come away happy with their experience and to feel well taken care of and cared for.

Students followed up the presentation with questions for Dr. Brewster, such as “Do you make a lot of money?” “What does a bone look like?” “How long did you go to school?”

The students each received stickers, fun adhesive bandages and coloring books that continued the theme of learning about physicians’ careers and what it’s like to be a patient.


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