The Cass Regional Medical Center pain management clinic treats a variety of conditions, from back and neck pain to cancer-related pain. We create an individualized care plan for each patient, using a multi-disciplinary approach to manage, reduce and/or eliminate pain. Our goal is to improve patients' quality of life and reduce dependence on pain medications.

Our expanded pain management clinic is now located in the renovated Specialists Clinic suite within the medical center. The new space includes four exam rooms, a procedure room, and a three-bay recovery area exclusively used by our pain management specialists, Dr. Richard Morgan and Dr. James Johnson.

Richard L. Morgan, MD, sees patients every Tuesday at Cass Regional, and James E. Johnson, DO, sees patients every Thursday.


Patients with chronic and persistent pain should first see their doctor and they must receive a referral to one of our pain management specialists. Pain management consultations and procedures are performed in Cass Regional's Specialists Clinic. For more information, call (816) 887-0457.