The Wound Center at Rock Haven Specialty Clinic is located within Rock Haven Medical Mall (2820 E. Rock Haven Road, Suite 150, Harrisonville, Mo.).

Walter W. Costner, MD, FACS, sees patients Monday afternoons.
Shaun B. Holden, MD, sees patients Tuesday mornings.
A. Dale Chisum, DO, sees patients Tuesday afternoons.
William Cruce, DPM, sees patients Thursday mornings.
Michael Kohlman, MD, sees patients Thursday afternoons.

Molly Urton, MSN, FNP-BC will also be available to see patients. 


For more information, or to make an appointment or to speak to The Wound Center receptionist, please call (816) 887-0309. 
To speak to The Wound Center nurses desk, call (816) 887-0333.